Manufacturing Cloud

Reshaping the manufacturing industry with its account-based forecasting, collaborative sales agreements, and real-time inventory management.

Industry Resilience

A manufacturing business are enterprise engaged in the process of converting raw materials, components, or parts into finished products. Often involving a combination of machinery, labor, and technology to create tangible goods that can be sold to consumers or other businesses. Salesforce's Manufacturing Cloud product has transformed the industry by enabling data-driven decision-making, improved collaboration between sales and operations, and more accurate demand forecasting. It has empowered manufacturers to enhance customer relationships, optimize production processes, and navigate the challenges of an ever-evolving market with greater agility and efficiency.

The manufacturing industry was far from cloud technology until COVID-19 impacted the industry worldwide. Lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, and reduced workforce availability led to production slowdowns or halts. Making the industry realize the need for analysis and forecasting of their businesses. Changes in consumer behavior also forced manufacturers to adapt swiftly. Many embraced automation and digital transformation to enhance resilience. This crisis highlighted the need for agile, flexible manufacturing systems in a post-pandemic world.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud offers Account-Based and Collaborative Forecasting that allows you to create forecasts based on specific client accounts facilitating collaboration between sales and operation teams. It also provides a unified forecast of your run-rate business (managed by Sales Agreements) and your new business (managed by Opportunities).

It acts as a system of engagement across your technology stack to bring forecasting and planning activities into the CRM and enhance the contribution of sales to the planning process. With Salesforce, you can make the entire Book of Business available on the cloud. Making it easier for your employees to access it from anywhere. Manufacturing Cloud uses the data from your existing ERP and OMS to improve collaboration and visibility across your business.

You don’t need to be an expert to get started with Salesforce’s Manufacturing Cloud. You can head over to the official link and check out their plans. Note that the Manufacturing Cloud is an add-on to the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Sales and Service Cloud.

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